Virtual Retainer

To simplify the billing process and guarantee the lowest billable rates possible, sign up for our Virtual Retainer program. It’s easy and safe.

We do not require you to make a large cash deposit, or prepay for services, in order to get lower rates or priority. We won’t ask for or store your credit card number. Instead, with a Virtual Retainer, you simply agree to allow us to automatically bill you for work we perform for you, but you set the limit. Larger Virtual Retainers give you additional benefits such as lower overall billable rates, priority service, etc.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the amount of the Virtual Retainer below: $250-$1000. You are charged nothing at that time. This is just an agreement to pay later after the work is completed and invoiced.
  2. Submit your Service Request (if it has not already been submitted).
  3. We complete the work.
  4. We send you an invoice for your records, but we bill the work against your Virtual Retainer. It is only at this time that you are charged any money at all. It will only be for the amount of the invoice, and can never be higher than the limit you have set for your Virtual Retainer.
  5. The Virtual Retainer agreement will remain in effect “Virtually” every month until it is canceled, so once you set it up, you won’t need to worry about it again. Months where we do no work for you will have no fees and no charges to you. The Retainer will simply be inactive for months in which you have no need for our services, but will be there for the times when you do.

If you have more work done before the month’s end, or if the project includes enough work to exceed your retainer, we will ask you to return here and enroll in an additional retainer to cover the extra work. You may pay by credit card or your PayPal account directly–your choice.

Virtual Retainer
Select the maximum amount you want to pay each month
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After clicking the button above, you will have the choice of using your PayPal account, if you have one, or using a credit card. If you would like to use a credit card, click the link shown by the red area below (click on the image to enlarge it):


This Virtual Retainer is intended to be a “good faith” billing method that assures i-SupportDesk of payment for services rendered while protecting our customers from any possible misuse of their credit card and credit card information. Our clients, as PayPal users, are protected by PayPal’s Purchase Protection policies. Check out the PayPal Purchase Protection Overview for more details.
Virtual Retainers may be canceled at any time by either party. However, if an agreement is canceled after requested work has been engaged by i-SupportDesk, but before it is completed and/or invoiced, an additional $50.00 billing service fee may be assessed and the account will be considered to be in default. Before cancelling an agreement in such a case, an alternative payment method agreed upon by i-SupportDesk, in writing, must be in place. Otherwise, Client agrees to bear full responsibility and reimburse i-SupportDesk for any and all collection costs incurred by i-SupportDesk in collecting on the balance due. Such collection costs may include but are not limited to, attorney fees and court costs.