Virtual CIO

“Six figure advice for a small business price.”

Chief Information Officers in large companies are responsible for making sure that the Information Technology deployed in that company is working at peak efficiency and able to carry the company to meet or exceed corporate goals and new levels of growth.

At i-SupportDesk, we are your Virtual CIO. We consult with you to make sure that your IT is working FOR you not AGAINST your goals and growth. We will help you make decisions about how to improve your computer systems, networks, and mobile technology to help you meet or exceed your goals.

IT Audit

One way we help new clients is by performing a complete IT audit. We do a full inspection and evaluation of all your computer systems, network hardware, Internet connectivity, mobile devices, and software. From that audit, we generate a Findings Report for your consideration. This report will include the data we gathered and our conclusions on how your technology is working for you. We will indicate the places where we feel you are maximizing your IT, and where we can see ways to make improvements.

Virtual CIO Consulting

We are happy to attend meetings with you where IT concerns will be discussed or decisions will be made. We will gladly bring our expertise to bear and offer our advice to help with any decisions you would like us to weigh in on.

We also provide a “second opinion” when you have questions about advice given by another outsourced, or internal, IT professionals.

Licensing Audits

We can also protect your company from lawsuits by auditing and ensuring proper licensing for all your software. We’ll track and organize licensing information company-wide to ensure that you will pass a licensing audit quickly and easily.