i-SupportDesk offers a comprehensive array of IT Services to make sure your company is taken care of. We take a thorough look at your company’s needs, through a Technology Assessment, interviews with you and your staff, with an eye toward the growth of your company into the future. We then work closely with you, in all the ways discussed below, so that we are offering you a custom suite of services to fit your needs perfectly.

RescueMe Remotely – Fast and Efficient Remote Desktop and Server Support

When you have a problem, you need help NOW. You don’t want to set an appointment for tomorrow or later in the week to have a tech battle through traffic to arrive on site and start working on the problem. With RescueMe Remotely, we give you access to us at the “click of a button”–right from your desktop! With our RescueMe Calling Card icon, you can get help FAST, and at a discount rate!

We can connect to your computer remotely over the Internet and solve most problems right then while you watch!

RescueMe Onsite – For when it can’t be fixed remotely

We love how fast and efficient our Remote support is, but sometimes it just can’t be fixed over the Internet. We’ll have our tech on your doorstep ASAP to solve the problem and get your rolling again in no time! Our techs are qualified, certified, and polite, and will fill you with confidence that the job will be done right. Our onsite support rates are very competitive as well, and will assure you that you are always getting the best value for the service! Guaranteed!

RescueMe Completely – Proactive Managed Care

Think of what it might be like to never have a problem in the first place…if your computers were monitored and managed remotely without you ever being interrupted. While RescueMe Remotely is there for you when you need to contact us…RescueMe Completely is always there for you. Imagine an entourage of bodyguards looking out for your PCs. These “agents” keep an eye on critical systems, security, patches, and performance. Whenever there is the first sign of a problem, they alert us and we move on it immediately! Without bothering you for anything, we can resolve most problems behind the scenes, and shift any non-critical tasks to off-hours so that you never have to trouble with it, be troubled by it, or even know it happened.

Of course, we will report everything to you regularly so you always know, as much as you want to know, about how we are Taking Care of IT For You. You will always have our agents “watching your six” for a low monthly fee.

And when you are enrolled in RescueMe Completely, you will get RescueMe Remotely and RescueMe Onsite services at rock-bottom discounted fees as well!

RescueMe Completely‘s comprehensive care will save you money every month, and keep your networking in the best shape it has ever been!

RescueMe Backup – Business Backup So Easy You Don’t Even Lift a Finger!

We’ve been doing this IT stuff for a long time now, and in all our collective experience, we have never seen a backup that is truly easy enough to use and monitor, and still be reliable and secure. There are a lot of good backup systems out there, don’t misunderstand! But none of them seem to be easy enough for users to setup, monitor and maintain. The ones that seem easy, just don’t backup the right things in the right places at the right time.

Enter RescueMe Backup. For your monthly online storage fee, we take care of setting up your backups, making sure that you will be securing all vital data on a schedule that will work best for you. We monitor backup jobs daily, addressing issues that come up to make sure you stay on track securing that data. And then if they time comes you need to restore files, we are there helping your restore that data when you need it.

This is the EASIEST backup you will ever use…because you never have to touch it! Again, we are there Taking Care of IT For You.

Cloud Essentials – Getting you “ahead” in the cloud.

As Microsoft Cloud Partners, we can help you move your Corporate Email into the Microsoft Cloud with Office 365. We will help you set up and organize your own “Intranet” in the Cloud with MS Sharepoint. We’ll connect you together with your staff and customers with Lync 2010.

If RescueMe Completely is not a good fit for your company, we can help you set up your own internal Management through MS Windows Intune. With Intune,  you can manage your own assets, control updates and patch roll-outs, secure your network with MS Endpoint Protection, and update your workstations to Windows 7 Enterprise.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can integrate your Customer Relationship Management into your MS Outlook 2010, and we can get your set up with that, too! Access and track customer information in the cloud, anytime, anywhere!

When it comes to helping make your company IT more scalable, manageable, and mobile, having us move your IT services into The Cloud is a great way to go.