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i-SupportDesk is a full-service IT Service Provider. We specialize in working with Small Businesses between 5 and 50 PCs. Our services focus on the following specialties:

  • Virtual CIO Consulting – “Six-figure advice at a Small Business Price”
  • Remote and Onsite Support
  • Microsoft Cloud Services – Email, File Access, and Communication Anywhere/Anytime
  • RescueMe Backup – Secure Online Managed Backup that means Business

Because we do most of our work through the “cloud” we save on our overhead and pass those savings right on to our clients in the form of low rates.

We can get to our clients FASTER because we don’t waste time on the freeways. We “see” more clients in a day because we can literally schedule our appointments back-to-back. Our “RescueMe Remotely” allows us to do virtually everything we can do in person to troubleshoot, install, or configure computer systems.

For clients that are considering hiring their own IT person, but aren’t sure there is enough IT work to sustain a full-time employee, we provide a managed, dedicate onsite tech under contract as a fully scaleable solution to identify and meet your in-house IT needs. We can start a dedicated tech at half a day a week, on up to 3 or 4 days a week, and adjust the schedule over time as needed. We handle managing the tech and handling all escalations on tougher problems.

Give us a call, and let’s talk about your specific IT needs. 480-270-4357



Windows Desktop and Server Support, Internet Cloud Backup, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Email, Microsoft Sharepoint Online, Outlook/Smartphone Sync, Microsoft Server 2008, Microsoft Small Business Server, Microsoft Windows Network Management, Managed Data Backup

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