“Microsoft Outlook Critical Update (KB910721)” Email Spoof Virus

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Be careful if you get an email that looks like this! It is going to cause you a lot of grief if you click that link to download this MS Update for Outlook / Outlook Express.

Don't be fooled by this nearly-clever spoof!

Don't be fooled by this nearly-clever spoof! (Click to Enlarge)

The Subject Line is an eye catcher (even though MS *never* sends update notices by email!) and the rest of the message looks “official” enough at first glance. But there are some easy tell-tale signs that this is a dangerous FAKE if you look a little closer.

In the screenshot, I have added some arrows to some of those signs.

  1. Reply address is suspicious.
  2. While the LINK TEXT looks like it will go to Microsoft, when you hold your mouse arrow over it, you will see the ACTUAL URL you will go to. NOT A SAFE PLACE!
  3. MS never sends you update notices by email. You have Windows Update for that.  🙂



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