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“Microsoft Outlook Critical Update (KB910721)” Email Spoof Virus

Posted on 06/24/09 by Jim No Comments

Be careful if you get an email that looks like this! It is going to cause you a lot of grief if you click that link to download this MS Update for Outlook / Outlook Express. The Subject Line is an eye catcher (even though MS *never* sends update notices by email!) and the rest […]

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WLXQuickTimeControlHost.exe is taking up all your CPU

Posted on 04/30/08 by Jim No Comments

This is in an interesting one, and can be a real killer for your computer. No, this isn’t a virus, and no, it’s not spyware. It’s an official Microsoft process that is part of the Windows Live Photo Gallery that they recently released. Apparently it still has some bugs in it such that some people […]

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Audio Article: Easter Bunnies Good, Dust Bunnies Bad

Posted on 04/25/08 by Jim No Comments

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Easter Bunnies – GOOD, Dust Bunnies – BAD!

Posted on 04/22/08 by Jim No Comments

Spring Cleaning Your Most Valuable Business Tool by Jim Dickinson ( As Featured in The Network Marketing Magazine, April 2008 ) Please visit the magazine and give me 5 Stars on my article! It’s that time of year again. Winter is finally over, and it’s time to open the Windows and let the fresh spring […]

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It’s Spring Cleaning Time – For Your Gadgets & PC’s

Posted on 03/14/08 by Tam No Comments

In addition to doing those other things you ought to take care of seasonally, not just once or twice a year (like changing your toothbrush and your furnace air filters), it’s also a good opportunity to clean your gadgets and computers to ensure they keep running well and looking good. You pay good money for […]

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Instant Messenger (MSN, Live, Yahoo, Skype, etc.) Viruses and Worms

Posted on 02/08/08 by Jim No Comments

  There are a couple of bad IM viruses spreading lately. Any of our clients who use IM (like Live Messenger, Yahoo, or Skype) would benefit from a little schooling, or even a PC checkup to be sure AV is running correctly, etc. There is a very social aspect to the spread of the virus, […]

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